Ashok kumar rajendra pandey


Proudly an alumnus of a Sainik School | an ex-Master Mariner certified (Ship Captain) | educated, qualified and certified in multiple disciplines | a thought leader who makes things happen.

  • Venture Capitalist, Seed Funder, Angel Investor. Entrepreneurial leadership in the areas of technicalities and technologies in the name of TekLink, information media in the name of ASN Live, healthcare in the name of SpiritEcoHealth, and Asset Management in the name of Assets Solutions & Networks (ASN Partners).
  • Advisory CxO, Chief Architect & Navigator, Thought Leadership; Coach, Mentor & Trainer.
  • Exceptional capability in enablement with governance, risk management & compliance across multiple enterprises at group level, Enterprise-wide, Functional, Process, People, and Systems. Business Intelligence & forensics across most functions integrating into Finance as core.
  • E2E lifecycle Management of Assets & Resources. Value Consulting, Trusted Advisories to clients; acquiring, building & lifting capacities & capabilities in their assets; making the organisations ready for transformations and getting the best outcomes (benefits) delivered by their partners/vendors, driving Assurance and constructive Audits.
  • Work with clients in achieving outcomes in all phases of their programs/projects, all the way from Ideate to Business/Investment Case and Pre-Project phase to Implementation support and Continuous Improvements in business and systems during the Run phase.
  • Work with clients in Real World Evidence and Realisation of benefits from their investments in Assets; Acquisition and implementations of business processes and systems for assets; standardisation and harmonisation of processes and systems during Mergers & Acquisitions; diversification and separations of processes and systems during offloading/separations of Assets.
  • Work with our clients in Recovery of their business interruptions, improving their financials & other results; bringing their business, programs, projects, and Services back on track; and Continuous Improvements thereon.
  • Financial Systems expertise in key business technologies like SAP; helps in e2e enablement, governance and auditing.
  • Develop and empower Px (Business Partner) experience, including Customers/Consumer Networks, Vendors/Suppliers as well as Human Channels Networks.