Your Support for the relief of thousands of Civilians in the northern parts of Kalaymyo areas, Sagaing Region in Myanmar.

How You Can Make an Impact

Many civilians are struggling to find food on a daily basis in the northern parts of Kalaymyo in the Sagaing Region of Myanmar. They have left their homes and are seeking refuge in the jungle due to heavy fighting that broke out two weeks ago between the Military council and local defence forces. More than thousands of houses have been burnt down.

Most of the youths are hiding in the forest due to the military junta, as sometimes the police and military junta enter the houses in the middle of the night and arrest many youths from their homes. Refugees are in the camp due to the junta’s campaign of destroying houses along the road in the northern parts of Kalaymyo in Sagaing region of Myanmar. People in need of food, medicine, shelter and warm clothes live in the forest.