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Advocates can join us as panel members and take the cases.


NOTE:- First, you have to submit the membership form. After that, our representative will call you and verify your details, and once your profile is approved, you will have to pay the Advocate membership Fee of Rs 7,000/-. Membership Fee: Rs. 7,000 at the time of entry and Rs. 3000/- every year for membership renewal.

2. When your profile is verified, pay the membership fee.

Membership Benefit

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And More Benefit

  • Visit – Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Parliament of India.
  • Training – get a discount fee on our unique training course.
  • Events – Receive discounted tickets and invitations to member-only events.
  • Community – Share knowledge and best practice with peers.
  • Networking – Talk to the right people when you need to.
  • Expertise – Access the best tools and resources.
  • Influence – Lobby and advocate nationally and internationally.
  • News – Find out what’s happening and keep up with the latest.
  • Careers – Recruit the best talent and develop communication and skill training.
  • Unique ID Card ( If required)
  •  Volunteer Appointment Letter
  •  Joining Information sent to Local Police station, SP and CP Office

Frequently Asked Questions


“Helpful Foundation” is India’s first organisation to work on national security and world peace. For the last seven years, we have been serving the nation. We have taken the most immediate cause towards India’s security, such as Rohingya Immigrants, pressure on the Government to take action on Dawood Ibrahim, India’s DTH-linked with Pakistan and Indian students stranded in Ukraine returned to their homeland, COVID-19 / Coronavirus terror attack truth Etc.

Why did we start this campaign?

Per our deed objective, No 41,42 or 51, approved by NCT Delhi, is to push for legal and judicial reform, civil services reform and effective public administration.

You will motivate ordinary people in various fields, such as law and justice, state unity, and population.

You will be strengthening national legislation and promotion of the rules of law.

Why join us?

Advocates with a passion for the nation can join us. We will provide you with a platform where you can reform the judiciary, and you can take the cases from us.

Advocate and Client are part and parcel to each other in the legal profession. An advocate might be the best with their legal understanding, but it is impossible to practice without clients. Practising law and getting clients are two distinct skills. With increasing number of lawyers, getting clients as new lawyers is challenging. Management of clients plays a vital role in advocating effective practices.

Most law students who want to practice as advocates in the future primarily focus on the basics of the legal profession, such as the extensive reading of law subjects and their practical application, research skills, how to present an argument in court, and various internships.

They often ignore the art of getting clients. It poses a difficulty to get a client when they start practice.

How do I get the cases?

The victim files a complaint on our portal. After that, our response team will call the victim, verify the victim’s complaint and forward it to our advocate panel team.

What is the role of lawyers and advocates in NGOs?

Lawyers in NGOs support an organisation’s objectives and participate on an NGO board, which can help inform and direct future strategic litigation per an organisation’s aims and objectives.

India’s Conservative Stance for Advocate.

What it means: – India does not allow lawyers to advertise openly. The right to advertisement in the legal profession is seen as a potential threat to the profession’s dignity.


  • While advocates in the U.S. might have billboards promoting their services, such a practice is unseen and unlawful in India.
  • An Indian advocate cannot use commercials or print ads to promote their services but can provide limited details on their personal website.

The First Generation of Advocates In India faces challenges.

No support from Family: This is the main problem new-generation lawyers face as they feel isolated at work due to no support from family members.

Lack of Confidence: Confidence level, which is from parental, boosts the Lawyer to reach their goal. However, lacking this confidence may make lawyers come forward in the market because their confidence is zero. This is also a significant problem for Generation Lawyers.

Any Queries/suggestions regarding Advocate membership payment can be sent to