Our Case Details

1. Gorakhpur BRD Medical College, 60 Children Died due to lack of oxygen.

The proprietor of Pushpa Sales, which supplied oxygen to the state-run Baba Raghav Das Medical College More than 60 children had died at the hospital. Our investigation team investigated this case, as per our investigation report we found that,

Pushpa Sales Private Limited is not eligible to take any medical-related Tenders. We filed PIL in HIGH COURT (PIL NO: – 40443/2017 Allahabad High court).

2. The international fake call centre is involved in hawala channels and earns the extortion money from innocent US, UK, Australia, and Canada Citizens.

We have exposed the fake Centre work, China network, and link with hawala channel. All fact document evidence was attached to the report.

On 11th Nov 2017 the report was submitted to Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Telecommunication, DCP Delhi Police, DGP Haryana Police, DGP UP Police, and other 12 DGP of states.

In October 2017, We sent the International fake call center report to US President Mr. Donald Trump, CIA, FBI, SIS, and UK Government.

After this Report approx. 2900 Accused were arrested. The shadowy businesses include illegally exporting medication, bogus cheque deposits, and swindling customers by offering non-existent loans and extorting money from bank loan defaulters. The scammers are not only robbing foreign nationals of their hard-earned money but bringing shame to our country too.

3. Rohingya illegal Immigrants

On 7th Dec 2017, Mr. Manab Das and Dr. Ishtdev Sharma were visited in Balukhali Rohingya Camp at Teknaf Border, Bangladesh. As per our research, we found that UNHRC, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh Inc, and other NGOs working very well and Distributing Medicine, Food and shelter.

We met with Bangladesh Police Investigation Officer, A.S.P Chandra Sarkar, as per his Information, Rohingya is very dangerous for our nation and also for India. he has provided us with such intelligence information related to Rohingya.

Masood Azhar is the founder and leader of the terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, he gives the fund to every Rohingya to entering in India. Masood Azhar wrote in his column: “It is because of the sacrifices of the Myanmar Muslims that the ummah (nation) is waking up and we are seeing this new awakening among the Muslims of the world… The entire Muslim ummah [nation] is feeling the pain of the Muslim nation.”

On 28th Dec 2017, We submitted the Rohingya report to the Prime Minister Office and Ministry of Home Affairs.

4. Jihad and Terrorist Organizations involved in attacks across the globe have used Bitcoin to fund their attacks

We submitted the 125-page Report to Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Finance, and RBI governor on 18th June 2018.

ISIS and jihadist use of Bitcoin discussed in the report include fund-raising websites’ efforts to stay afloat after the fall of Raqqa in October 2017; terrorist fund-raising in Gaza; a recently busted money-laundering operation in the US; and examples where Bitcoin was used to fund infamous terrorist attacks.

The report starts by recounting that in the summer of 2014, an important article titled “Bitcoin was Sadaqat al-Jihad” was published in an online blog. The article set forth various strategic reasons for jihadists to use Bitcoin.

promotes the use of Bitcoin virtual currency as a means of limiting economic support for infidels and circumventing the Western banking system, which limits donations for jihad through restrictions on the financial system.


Zebpay is an app-enabled bitcoin wallet provider headquartered in Singapore with an IT office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company was founded by Mahin Gupta in late 2012. ZEB IT Services Private Limited company is exchanging the Bitcoin to Indian Rupee in India.

We received the complaint against the company and our team investigated the company documents and we found that Zebpay working under the doctrine ultra virus and TEP and exchanging against the RBI guideline. We submitted the report to the Prime Minister Office, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Ministry of Cooperate Affairs.

6. Indian DTH is running illegally in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other 12 countries.

Pakistani dealers working on behalf of Indian DTH companies smuggle the DTH equipment from India and sell the set-top boxes and antenna dishes for about Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. The annual subscription fees are paid via Hawala, cryptocurrency, and other criminal fund activities.

These fees range from Rs 1,200 to Rs 2,000. The money is then transferred to Dubai and forwarded to the Indian DTH service providers. The money is moved illegally without any record or taxation.

All Indian DTH Setup box is activated in Indian citizens’ identity and running in Pakistan and other countries. 28th Dec 2017, We submitted the DTH report to Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

7. Dawood Ibrahim using 21 names in Pakistan, has 3 addresses in Karachi.

Dawood address in Karachi (PAKISTAN): (1) House No 37, 30th Street – Defence, Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan.
(2) Noorabad, Karachi, Pakistan (A palatial bungalow in the hilly area).
(3) White House, Near Saudi Mosque, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. 3. Terrorism and Terrorist Financing Name KASKAR 1: DAWOOD 2: IBRAHIM 3: n/a 4: n/a 5: n/a. Title: Sheikh DOB: 26/12/1955. POB: Kher, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India

(1) ABDUL, Shaikh, Ismail (2) ABDUL AZIZ, Abdul Hamid (3) ABDUL REHMAN, Shaikh, Mohd, Ismail (4) ANIS, Ibrahim, Shaikh, Mohd (5) BHAI, Bada (6) BHAI, Dawood (7) BHAI, Iqbal (8) DILIP, Aziz (9) EBRAHIM, Dawood (10) FAROOQI, Sheikh (11) HASAN, Kaskar, Dawood (12) HASSAN, Dawood (13) IBRAHIM, Anis (14) IBRAHIM, Dowood, Hassan, Shaikh (15) KASKAR, Daud, Hasan, Shaikh, Ibrahim (16) KASKAR, Daud, Ibrahim, Memon (17) KASKAR, Dawood, Hasan, Ibrahim (18) MEMON, Dawood, Ibrahim (19) SABRI, Dawood (20) SAHAB, Haji (21) SETH, Bada Nationality: Indian

4.. Passport Details: (1) A-333602 (Indian) issued on 4 June 1985 in Bombay, India (subsequently revoked by the Government of India) (2) M110522 (Indian) issued on 13 Nov 1978 in Bombay (3) R841697 (Indian) issued on 26 Nov 1981 in Bombay (4) F823692 (Indian) (JEDDAH) issued by CGI in Jeddah on 2 Sept 1989 (5) A501801 (Indian) (BOMBAY) issued on 26 July 1985 (6) K560098 (Indian) (BOMBAY) Issued on 30 July 1975 (7) V57865 (BOMBAY) issued on 3 Oct 1983 (8) P537849 (BOMBAY) issued on 30 July 1979 (9) A717288 (MISUSE) issued on 18 Aug 1985 in Dubai (10) G866537 (Pakistan) (MISUSE) issued on 12 Aug 1991 in Rawalpindi (11) C-267185. Issued in July 1996 in Karachi (12)H-123259. Issued in July 2001 in Rawalpindi (13) G-869537. Issued in Rawalpindi (14) KC-285901

8. Nirav Modi Pnb Bank Scam

CBI registers an FIR for criminal conspiracy and cheating against Nirav Modi. After this case, many Directors Resigned from the Nirav Modi Companies. A resignation letter is enclosed in this Report.

The Nirav Modi Scam Exposed on 14th February 2018, After that our team Research & Analysis the Nirav Modi scam case.
According to our research, We Found that many facts related to this case, Mr. Nirav Modi and many people did this scam. We found many suspect Persons, Company employees, Corporates Companies, and Bank employees, witnesses, and Guarantors are Involved in this Scam.

1st Report, We submitted the report on 07th March 2017 to the Prime Minister’s office and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) New Delhi.

These Company directors are also connected with the Nirav Modi Scam company. a) Wipro Ltd b) Pepsi co India c) American Express India
Sanjay Rishi (American express India) director resigned on 7th Feb 2018 from Nirav Modi company ( Firestar Diamond inter. Pvt Ltd).
Suresh Chandra Senapati (Wipro Ltd) director resigned on 6th Feb 2018 from Nirav Modi company ( Firestar Diamond International Pvt Ltd).

2nd Report, we submitted the report on 27th March 2017 to the Prime Minister of India and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) New Delhi. Nirav Modi Scam and List of Bank, Corporate Guarantor, Witness, Authorized.

The Company has the following wholly-owned subsidiary companies as of March 31, 2016. 1. Firestar Diamond International Private Limited, INDIA, 2. Firestar Holding Limited, HONG KONG, 3. Firestar Group, Inc. U.S.A, 4. Firestar Diamond FZE, UAE, 5. Firestar Diamond and Jewelry FZCO, UAE., 6. Firestar Diamond Limited, HONG KONG., 7. Firestar Jewelry Limited, HONG KONG., 8. Nirav Modi Limited, UNITED KINGDOM, 9. Firestar Diamond PTE. LTD. SINGAPORE, 10. Firestar Diamond International, Inc, USA, Firestar Jewelry, Inc, U.S.A, 12. Nirav Modi Limited, HONG KONG, 13. Firestar Diamond, RUSSIA,14. Central Park Real Estate LL.C, U.S.A, 15. Fantasy, Inc., U.S.A, 16. Firestar Diamond Private Limited, INDIA, 17. Nirav Modi Jewels BVBA, BELGIUM, 18. Firestar Diamond BVBA, BELGIUM, 19. Firestar LLC, AMENIA, 20. Firestar Diamond, Inc U.S.A, 21. Firestar Diamond(PTY) LTD, SOUTH AFRICA.,22. Nirav Modi Limited, MACAU, 23. Synergies Corporation, U.S.A, 24. A. Jaffe, Inc., U.S.A, 25. Nirav Modi Limited, FRANCE, 26. Nirav Modi Commercial (Beijing) Limited Company, CHINA


We submitted the Unocoin report on 27th November 2018 to Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, and Reserve Bank of India. Unocoin is exchanging the cryptocurrency (BITCOIN) in Indian Rupee since May 2015. The total revenue for the financial year ended March 31, 2018, is INR 203,046982 (Rupees Two Hundred Three Million Forty-Six Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty-Two Only) and Profit for the year before and after taxes is INR 2,600,992. This company has hidden the Genius Nature of Business is exchange Bitcoin in India and filed the false statement in Income Tax return.

False Statement: – The company is in the business of developing an online market platform to facilitate and conduct buy, sell store and conduct sale, purchase, import, export trade with or without using cryptography or any other software based on internet and intranet, networking of any kind from India and aboard, to carry on the business of software consultants and to provide equipment and services for IT-enabled services data centers, etc. There is no charge in the nature of business. As per union government laws, virtual currency is not legal tender and therefore has no regulatory permission or protection in India. Finance minister Arun Jaitley, in his budget speech today (Feb. 01), stated that the government will do everything to discontinue the use of bitcoin and other virtual currencies in India. He reiterated that India does not recognize them as legal tender

10.  Masood Azhar leader of Pakistan based Terrorist organization Jaish-e- Mohammed

The information has been sent to PMO and MHA related to Masood Azhar leader of the Pakistan-based Terrorist organization Jaish-e- Mohammed.
Mohammed Masood Azhar Address
Address: – 1260/108, Block N0.6-B Kausar Colony Model Town-B Bahawalpur Punjab Province Pakistan; Lahore City
Lahore District Punjab Province Pakistan

   1. 537/1-Z Defense Housing Area (DHA) Lahore, Pakistan;
   2. Office 22, 3rd Floor, Al Fatah Plaza, Commercial Market, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
   3. Room No. 22, 3rd Floor, Al-Fateh Plaza, Commercial Market Road,
Chandi Chowk Rawalpindi, Pakistan;
   4. Karachi, Pakistan
   5. Muzaffarabad, Neelam Road, Bandi Chehza, Pakistan;
   6. Balakot, Besan Chowk, Pakistan;
   7. Haripur, Rajna Road Shar-Salah, Pakistan;
   8. Rehana Road, Sirai Salih, Post Box # 22, G.P.O. Haripur, North
West Frontier Province, Pakistan

About Al Rahmat Trust
• Jaish-e Mohammed (JeM) was designated as a terrorist group, and after being banned in Pakistan in 2002, JeM began to use the Al Rahmat Trust as a front for its operations.
• Al Rahmat Trust has provided assistance for terrorist activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including financial and logistical support to foreigners
• Combat aircraft operations in both countries.
• In early 2009, several prominent members of the Al Rahmat Trust were recruiting students for terrorist activities in Afghanistan.
• The Al Rehmat Trust has also been involved in fundraising for JeM, including militant training and the closure of its mosques and madrasas.
• In early 2009, the Al Rahmat Trust launched a donation program in Pakistan to help the families of terrorists who were arrested or killed.
• In early 2007, the Al Rehmat Trust was raising funds on behalf of Khudam-ul Islam, a nickname for JeM. The Al Rahmat Trust has also provided financial assistance and other services to the Taliban, including financial assistance to wounded Taliban fighters from Afghanistan.
Al-Rahmat Bank Account Details
  Account Name: Al-Rahmat Trust
   Account number 10560-9
   Branch Code 957
   National Bank Satellite Town Branch
   Bahawalpur Punjab Province
According to the information available, JIM with the help of donations from the charity.

11. Subash Chandra’s companies linked with Rs 11,808 Crore Lottery Scam

The scam exposed by us, this case is under process in PMO, MHA, MoF, and Income Tax.
This scam is done with innocent North East citizens and the Government of India.
Zee Founder Subash Chandra’s companies linked with Rs 11,808 Crore Lottery Scam


ARJ EXIM INDIA exports the DTH in Afghanistan, smuggles the Indian DTH from Afghanistan to Pakistan, and violation of Foreign trade policy, and misuses the HS code 85299090. All smuggle DTH is activated on our Indian citizen id.
The monthly subscription has been recharged via Hawala, Terrorist funds, and other criminal fund sources.

13. Fraud and cybercrime through the fake website of

14. Report filed against P2P business & don’t invest the money.

Illegal P2P (Token module plan) :- BTC, XRP, ETH, BCH, EOS, XLM, LTC, TRX, BSV, ADA, MIOYA, XRM, DASH, NEO,XEM, ETC, ZEC, XTZ, WAVES, DOGE,VET, ONT, BTG, QTUM, DCR,LSK, BCD, BCN, NANO, STEEM, ICX, BTS, DGB, STRAT, XVG, SC, BTM, KMD, ETN, CNX, ADRD, FCT, HC, APL, ARK, PIVC & total 83 virtual token. ( Blockchain ) all are illegal in India

15. China Stole Coronavirus from Canada And Weaponized It. ISIS, Al-Qaida, China, and Pakistan is focusing on India. On 23rd march 2020 announces change of mag name to “Nawai Ghazwai Hind” — suggests the main theatre of jihad for AQ in South Asia will now be Kashmir/India. World War 3: China ‘drawing up plans for wars with US and India’. Report dated 29 march 2020

Read more about COVID 19 / Coronavirus terror attack truth Click here.

16. Al-Sadaqah Organization Launches Website, Promotes Use of Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies to Sponsor #Mujahideen Purchase Weapons in Syria.#JihadiSupporter donor funds in Bitcoin Total Received: $14,542,325,967.24Total Received: $17,370,917,590.60So we are requesting to Government of India kindly file a review petition in the Supreme Court against the quashing of a central bank circular aimed at curbing cryptocurrencies.

17. The wastage, loss, and unfruitful of funds 189.66. crore by Delhi NCT Government Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal and their officers and violation of the many Acts and rules.five performance audits, i.e., Mid-Day Meal Scheme, Management of Jails, Schemes for Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, Member of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development Scheme and Mechanization of Conservancy and Sanitation Services and 15 paragraphs involving Rs 189.66 crore relating to excess/ wasteful/ unfruitful/ infructuous/ avoidable expenditure, idle investment, loss, blocking of funds, etc.

18. Regarding the scam, during 2011-2016 UP State government incurred an expenditure of 40,854.63 cores on construction and maintenance of various types of roads in the State. serious irregularities in all the stages of the tendering process and contract management. The basic norms for road design and cost estimation were not adhered to. The tendering process lacked transparency and competition. Large numbers of contractors not meeting the minimum technical requirements were qualified in technical evaluation and there were clear indications of collusive bidding in major contracts in most of the districts. Government instructions to check the use of construction material from illegal mining were not complied with. Grant of concessions and undue benefits to contractors was rampant and there was complete neglect of the need to ensure road quality and protect government interests.

19. #PMO#MHA#PresidentofIndia report has been sent on #BlackMoney If the #GovernmentofIndia recovery the black money, so it will be help on improving Indian economic, agriculture, and human development during the economic crisis due to the impact of COVID-19 and consequent lockdown

20. Regarding the National Security threat, violation of the data protection of Indian citizens by social media, such as Facebook, and Instagram, etc. Facebook is working in doctrine ultra vires Act.
We received thousands of Public Grievance regarding Facebook and Instagram account hacked and shopping fraud on the Facebook market place

21. We are very thankful to Prime Minister of India, Honorable Shri Narendra Modi and Honorable Home Minister Shri Amit Shah to take appropriate action on our illegal immigrants and Rohingya Report and #Citizenship#Amendment#ActOur goal is to save the country’s Integration and its Economic Security and National Security.