Fee structure and procedure


Complaint Procedure in India


The complaint procedure addresses consistent patterns of gross and reliably attested human rights violations and fundamental freedoms worldwide.



  • If the applicant/Complaintant/ Vicitm belongs to the below poverty line (BPL) category, he is not required to pay any fee. However, he should submit proof supporting his claim to belong below the poverty line.
  • Persons whose annual income does not exceed Rs. 1 lakh
  • Victims of Trafficking in Human beings or begar

RTI FEE:- ₹ 900/-

Item for workDescription Fee is Rupees
Postal ChargesRTI sent to the Department and Public Authority100/-
Processing ChargesPaper, Printing, Envelope, Postal order, Covering, File, Miscellaneous Application, Etc.450/-
ClerkClerk RTI Drafting Charges – (Legal consultancy) (Drafting your RTI and making vital questions in legal wording), Etc.350/-
1st RTI AppelNo fee has to be paid for the first appealNO FEE

Lodge Complaint Fee – 18,000/- (It depends on the nature of the Case.)

Item for workDescription Fee
Case PreparationExamine the matter, including legal consultancy and legal framework, 5000/-
DraftingThe fee includes the clekages given to the Legal Services Counsel.

The charges for drafting the Application, such as written statement, Reply, Replication RTI Appeal,
For drafting miscellaneous applications(s) bearing more than 10 pages,

TranslationHowever, in exceptional cases100 per page
Processing &
Comprehensive Case Management
File maintenance, drafting, Clerk, and covering files. The complaint will be forwarded to the concerned department and Authority for legal action.
Record maintenance, Case Monitoring, Revisions, Any other additional Legal services work in the nature of the main case, application, execution or other work, Typing Charges, Photocopy, Case Preparation, Preparation of appeal, paper book including printing and translation of documents in legal proceedings,
Publication ChargesNewspaper & Social Media 2500/-
Data-Driven and Tech-Enabled PlatformDocument Storage Fee, Automated Record Keeping Fee, 500/-
NIL TOTAL 18,000/

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