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1. Funds: To support your Projects 

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Helpful Foundation Donations Committee reviews all applications for funding and makes recommendations to the full FOL Board during its meetings, which are held five times per year. Applications for funding must be received by the Donations Committee no later than 6 weeks prior to a Board meeting in order to be reviewed at the next Board meeting.

If you are interested in obtaining funding for your project, please review the guidelines below and, if you feel that you would qualify, complete the funding application form and return it to the Donations Committee.

Funding Guidelines:

  • Projects/events funded by Helpful Foundation should assist/benefit in the areas of community development, health, education, culture and history.
  • A completed HF application, including a detailed budget, is required for consideration for funding. Additional background documents (e.g., organizational strategic plan, business plans) are welcome and may be requested throughout the course of its review of the application.
  • Applicants must represent a registered organization, school, or NGO and show proof of registration.
  • Applicant’s organization must have been in existence and registered for at least 1 years or partner with an organization that has been in existence for at least 1 years.
  • Funds are available via wire transfer.  The recipient must have a bank account and is responsible for associated wiring fees.
  • Applicants for funding should not assume that their application is approved for funding until they receive an official approval from Helpful Foundation.
  • Projects must be completed within one year of receipt of funds by the organization.

Helpful Foundation does not fund:

  • Individuals’ businesses
  • Start-up companies or organizations
  • International travel
  • Ongoing operational expenses (e.g., salaries, utilities)