Legal Adviser: Pro Bono legal


Legal services for the weak & Poor people in India

Legal Advisor: Pro Bono legal


The legal department is typically responsible for all legal and legal related external matters such as litigation, investigations, compliance, mergers and acquisitions. This is a diverse, complex, and often unpredictable portfolio of challenges.


“Pro bono publico” is a Latin phrase that’s typically shortened to “pro bono” when it’s used in the legal profession. It means “for the good of the people,” and it refers to legal services performed free of charge or at reduced fees for the public good.

The need for legal services among the poor is overwhelming, according to an Bar Association study. At least 40 percent of low and moderate-income households experience a legal problem each year, yet studies show that the collective civil legal aid effort meets only about 20 percent of the needs of these low-income people. 

Pro bono cases and services leverage the skills of legal professionals to help those who are unable to afford lawyers.

Mission: focus on depressed and poor segments of our organisation , help them to go through the process of legal advices.

Many people are suffering from hardship or injury especially in India. They feel frustrated because (1) they have no means to redress injustice or rectify what is wrongful (2) their applications or requests go unattended (3) under staffed or under equipped institutions and shops fail to respect what they promise. For example-if one buys certain defective goods from the shops or gets bad services from the workmen or workmen do not take the goods back or workmen do not do the job again to the customer’s satisfaction, customer does not know what to do. Poor people have to donate a lot of money to get admission in some institutions for their child`s education or bribe the officials to get their legitimate requirements, or their friends or relatives die in a hospitals because of the doctors’ negligence or being harassed by the officials for no reasons. There are many examples like these in every aspect of life. They do not know what to do if they face any problems like these. High cost deters poor people seeking legal advice. 

Pro Bono Opportunities 

All state and local bar associations have pro bono committees where attorneys can volunteer their time. You might also provide help through legal aid services structured to offer representation for free or on sliding fee scales for those who couldn’t afford help otherwise.

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