The Institute for National Security Research and Counterterrorism is a multidisciplinary, Helpful Foundation NGO – a based community of members and internship dynamically exploring and engaging national and international security and counterterrorism challenges.


The Institute for National Security Research and Counterterrorism (INSRC) to incorporate a realistic assessment of the threats facing India and its allies and the challenges facing India intelligence, defence, law enforcement, homeland security, technology, and cybersecurity communities. INSRC is committed to identifying legal and policy solutions that safeguard constitutional liberties and enable a robust national defence.


The Institute for National Security Research and Counterterrorism (INSRC) serves as a platform for research, teaching, scholarship, and policy development. We also strive to balance public discourse on India and our allies’ most challenging national security challenges.

We draw on the real-world experience of our faculty members and experts to produce research and policy materials that are highly relevant to current questions of national security law and policy.

Our (INSRC) Platform for students

Our (INSRC) Platform for students is defined by three words: Learn. Challenge. Lead. We offer students an outstanding legal education (Learn), teach them to pursue new ideas (Challenge), and enable them to distinguish themselves in their chosen fields (Lead). Our curriculum emphasizes the role of economic analysis in the law and develops outstanding legal, writing, and research skills through a two-year rigorous writing course.

Global Security

INSRC’s Global Security Program analyzes political, military, and economic trends to better understand the international security landscape.
INSRC’s work explores sources of potential conflict and emerging threats to global security and the impact of international and domestic law and policy on such issues.
INSRC’s experts seek to inform policymakers and the public on a diverse range of security issues, from the threats posed by nuclear weapons proliferation to the impact of ever-changing transatlantic and transpacific relations on regional security.



INSRC’s Cybersecurity Program examines how threats to our increasingly-technology focused society and economy impact India national and economic security, as well as personal privacy. INSRC’s work informs policymakers, industry, and the public about the evolving threats posed by both state and non-state actors.

INSRC addresses how the public and private sectors might work together to address state-sponsored destructive attacks, covert influence operations targeting democratic institutions, intellectual property theft and the threat posed by asymmetric criminal actors, terrorist groups, and hacktivists.



INSRC’s Intelligence Program examines the complex relationship between intelligence, civil liberties, and technology communities.
As technology develops, policymakers will continually face unique challenges where national security interests and privacy concerns intersect.

INSRC’s experts provide both insights into these critical debates, including those surrounding surveillance and data encryption, and help provide recommendations that promote and balance national security, civil liberties, and innovation.


India’s  Security

INSRC’s India Security Program examines some of the most fundamental security challenges facing India, including how to prevent terrorism and protect critical infrastructure at home.

INSRC’s experts educate policymakers and industry leaders about how foreign and domestic threats impact the security of the Indian people by providing realistic assessments of the challenges we face at home, alongside recommendations for action that balance the need to protect the public with the robust protection of the rights and civil liberties provided for in the Constitution and laws of India.


Emerging Technologies

INSRC is at the forefront of understanding how emerging technologies, such as advances in artificial intelligence, data processing, blockchain technologies, space launch, and intelligence collection, are impacting national security and how these technologies may disrupt or contribute to global stability in the future.

INSRC’s experts work with the Indian government, military, and private industry to explore the legal, policy, and operational concepts needed to stay ahead of state and non-state actors seeking to exploit these technologies and capitalize on opportunities in this rapidly evolving space.


Our Cases related to National Security

COVID 19 / Coronavirus terror attack truth

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