Helpful Foundation’s initiative to return home of stranded Indians in Ukraine

Through the initiative of the Helpful Foundation, a large number of Indian citizens and students trapped in Ukraine were opened by the Romanian government, giving priority to more and more Indians.

Indians stranded in Ukraine who had registered themselves on our Ukraine Help Mission by visiting Helpful Foundation’s website By attaching copies of the names and documents of those Indians by the Foundation, this subject has been shared with the Romanian Government, the Government of Ukraine and the Indian Embassy under International Human Rights, in which the Indian should be given priority and entry into the border in large numbers. requested.

After which the Director-General of the Ministry of External Affairs of Romania passed an order to the Romanian Border Police and informed the Indian Embassy of Bucharest about the information of Indians registered with the Helpful Foundation. As a result of which priority was given in border clearance for the maximum number of Indians from the date 28 February 2022. For which Helpful Foundation thanks Romania and the Government of India.

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