The art and science of designing a hospital anywhere is a complex affair. Beyond technical requirements that modern medicine demands and rigid functional relationships between different medical departments, the designer has to cope with a host of more subjective issues like the anxiety of the patient, the stressful work environment of the staff and the


  INTRODUCTION In contemporary society, State plays an important role in socio-economic development. The success of democracy and development depends to a greater extent on the efficiency of the government machinery. However, in the exercise of administrative powers, there is always a possibility of malpractices. This results in public grievances towards the administration. According to


THE ACCURACY NEWS  The Nature and Problem of Objective News Objective news is essentially an epistemic kind. What is sometimes called the “journalism of verification” is merely what yields accurate news: verification (or justification) is an epistemic notion. The editorial adage “When in doubt, leave it out” also expresses its epistemic nature. More specifically, objective


  The international community has increasingly come to acknowledge that ‘politics matters’1 for development, and consequently there is a small but growing, number of projects and programs that are seeking to ‘work politically’. But what does this new way of working mean for monitoring and evaluation practice? The challenges of thinking and working politically –


INSTITUTE FOR NATIONAL SECURITY RESEARCH AND COUNTERTERRORISM The Institute for National Security Research and Counterterrorism is a multidisciplinary, Helpful Foundation NGO – a based community of members and internship dynamically exploring and engaging national and international security and counterterrorism challenges. OUR APPROACH The Institute for National Security Research and Counterterrorism (INSRC) to incorporate a realistic

HF DONATION – Crowdfunding Platform

HF DONATION – Crowdfunding Platform Innovative approach for projects, organizations, entrepreneurs, and startups to raise money for their causes from multiple individual donors or investors. Four models of crowdfunding exist donations, reward; lending; and equity. Causes Medical crowdfunding: Medical Crowdfunding is the Best Way to Raise Money for Medical Expenses. Medical crowdfunding is the process

HF SCHOOL – K8 Online Education

HF SCHOOL – K8 Online Education OUR AIM IS YOUR EDUCATION  Mission Education is a national level programme of Helpful Foundation, an NGO for education committed to providing primary education. Helpful Foundation’s educational initiatives include Pre-school [3-6 yrs], Non-Formal Education [6-14 yrs non-school going],   EFFECTS OF POVERTY ON EDUCATION IN INDIA ABSTRACT: Although education
AN AUTONOMOUS ORGANIZATION, REGD. BY GOVT. OF NCT- DELHI UNDER The Indian Trust Act, 1882, GOVT. OF INDIA Established on 21st April 2017 Year. Financial Intelligence Unit – INDIA Ministry Of Finance, Government of India Reporting Entity: ID INTRU 00037. National Institution for Transforming India, Government of India, Unique Id of VO/NGO DL/2017/0154444 Non-Governmental Organization. Click here - Donations to HELPFUL FOUNDATION Fund would qualify for 80G benefits for 50% exemption under the Income Tax Act, 1961.