Thank you for writing to us about your organization and the activities you are engaged in. We appreciate your work in the areas of Economic Security and National Security. Regards, Corporate Social Responsibility HDFC Bank Ltd I Think Techno Campus. Kanjur Marg (E)

Nigeria High Commission India

I am directed to acknowledge with thanks receipt of your Ref. No. DC/579/06/2019 dated 18th June 2019, REQUESTING THE High Commission’s support for the work of your esteemed HELPFUL FOUNDATION NGO. In light of the preceding, you are hereby assured of the mission’s support of the vision of the MoU & Objective. Warm regards. O.

Shri Pranab Mukherjee

I am glad to know that Helpful Foundation NGO is staunchly working to save the country’s Integration and its Economic Security and National Security. National integration is essential for the country to grow, and added that fundamental unity should be ingrained in every citizen who will keep the country together amidst the immense diversity.” Citizens